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I believe in sharing what’s inside.

Author, artist, and teacher of numerous in-person and online classes, I celebrate the infinite creativity of human beings.

Decades of navigating the ups, downs, joys, pains, challenges and rewards of living the creative life have led me to conclude that “self-expression is not for sissies.”

To date, I’ve taught over 5,000 students of all ages. I love teaching online because it lets me reach students from all over the world.

My students say I have “contagious enthusiasm” and a warm, easy-going teaching style that some describe as “zen” because they find it so relaxing.

I’m crazy passionate about supporting my students to enjoy greater creative and financial freedom.

I’m also passionate about naps, burritos, chardonnay, and the color periwinkle. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My Offerings

Masterclasses & Mini Courses

Short and sweet trainings delivered in bite-size lessons that make it easy & fun to optimize all the pieces of your Substack, expand your readership, make promotions, and more.


Substack Brainstorming & Critiques

If you want to pick my brain or get an opinion on what would make your Substack more enticing and valuable for your subscribers, I offer on-demand sessions via Zoom. 

Coaching/Strategy Packages

If you want to dig deep and create a comprehensive long-term plan to grow your Substack and/or use it to grow your existing or emerging business, I offer 1, 3 & 6 month packages.