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Would you like an easy-peasy subscription newsletter that makes $$ every. single. month?

[ Of course you would, you smarty pants. ]

What if you could start getting paid to write, record, draw, paint, or doodle about a subject you love by a built-in audience of fans who are happy to pay for what you offer?

It’s easy, fun, and I can teach you how.

One-time payment – yes, really!

You can do it!

  • Create an extra income stream that costs NOTHING (zero, zip, nada) to set up

  • Get started quickly and easily — it only takes about two hours to get up and running

  • Publish content in a flash with built-in audio, video, and text editing tools.

  • Run your entire business on a single, simple, intuitive platform

  • Grow a fun side hustle into life-changing income without sacrificing all your free time and energy



Here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

  • How to set up a Substack account fully and connect it to Stripe, making it possible to run a VERY lucrative business

  • How to create engaging posts with images, drawings, paintings, videos, audio…you can even use the platform to start a PODCAST — WHAT?!? 😱 🤯

  • How to price your subscription levels + how to further monetize posts with links to paid offers, Amazon, Etsy, and MORE

And we’ll cover all of this in less than 2 hours so you can dive into growing your money-making newsletter!


One-time payment – yes, really!